Celebrate Your Bro’s Bachelor
Party on the San Francisco Brew Boat!

When you need a uniquely memorable bachelor party venue, the Brew Boat won’t disappoint.  Our Brew Boat cruises can be customized with your choice of food, drink, music, and decorations.  Whether a day of relaxation or a pre-wedding bash, you decide.  Reserve your private Brew Boat today for an adventure of brotherhood and camaraderie on the ultimate party boat.

Book your Bachelor Party with Us!

  • We love themes and costumes! Create perfect pics for lasting memories!
  • Bring the perfect playlist to jam out on the boat!
  • Deck out the boat with your best party decorations for a fun way to show off your crew!
  • Bring along all of the drinks and food you need for an amazing celebration right here on our boat!

Every bachelor party is custom-made based on your desires.  For additional information please contact us.

San Francisco Bachelor Party Boat Cruise

Our cycleboats can accommodate up to 26 passengers and our Bay Cruises are 90-mins.