Frequently Asked Questions

What is San Francisco Brew Boat?

The Brew Boat is California’s original and very first Cycleboat! The boat is 35-feet long and propelled by a large rear paddle which is powered by the pedaling of our riders! We can accommodate up to 26 guests, and there are 12 pedal stations surrounding a central bar, as well as room for 14 other non-pedaling passengers. We are a party boat that embarks on daily cruises from Pier 40 in San Francisco, adjacent to the iconic San Francisco Bay waterfront.

Why choose San Francisco Brew Boat?

Come out and experience something new with us! The cycleboat experience allows for some highly interactive outdoor fun- drink, pedal, float, and party! It’s the best way to celebrate birthdays, bachelor & bachelorette parties, team buildings & corporate outings, and fun times with friends and family.

How do I make reservations?

Choose to book online through the Book Now tab or call us at 415-633-6585. We offer private boat charters for up to 26 passengers. Tour details: captain and deckhand included, Bluetooth stereo system, bathroom aboard, and groups are welcome to BYO Beer/Wine/Seltzer/or Canned Cocktails. The Private Boat cost starts at $1,200.

Can I drink on the boat?

Yes, these tours are BYOB- bring your own beer/wine/cider/seltzers/canned cocktails aboard the boat (limit of 4 drinks per person and no glass beer bottles please!). You’re welcome to also bring food aboard the boat as well, so you have something to snack on. No hard alcohol or mixed drinks are permitted aboard the Brew Boat.

Are there age requirements?

Yes, most tours require individuals to be 21 years of age. Private tours may be booked with a limited number of children allowed. We have room for 3 children aboard the boat as long as they weigh at least 50lbs. Children under 50-lbs will not be permitted on board. Any guest under the age of 13 will be required to wear a life jacket (provided) during the cruise. Please call if you’d like to bring a minor so we can be sure to have life jackets for them on board.

What is the parking situation?

Parking for visitors is quite limited to South Beach Harbor. There are public parking facilities in the immediate area with one of the largest lots located at Brannan and the Embarcadero. Subject to availability, South Beach Harbor visitors can park for up to one hour in designated spaces in the visitor lot on Pier 40 (at Townsend and the Embarcadero). We strongly advise you to carpool whenever possible or take public transportation like Lyft or Uber to Pier 40.

Does everyone pedal?

No, pedaling is completely optional! Not everyone will be on a pedal seat, nor are you required to pedal for the length of the tour. There are 12 pedal stations, and room for 14 additional guests to just kick back and relax. Passengers should expect to take turns pedaling so everyone gets a turn. This is a fun, interactive group experience where pedaling is 100% optional. The boat is equipped with a motor so you can just kick back and party.

Is there a weight limit?

Yes, each pedaling seat can support up to a maximum of 300 pounds.

What's Included?

The tour comes with a licensed boat captain, a deckhand to make sure you have a cold beverage in your hand at all times, a Bluetooth stereo system, a bathroom, and your seat(s) on the Brew Boat. We DO NOT provide beverages or food, but you’re welcome to bring your own beer/wine/cider/canned cocktails aboard the boat (limit 4 drinks per person, and no hard alcohol please).

Is music allowed?

Absolutely. It wouldn’t be a party boat without good music! We encourage customers to bring their own music to keep the party going while we pedal, cruise, and sip beverages. We have the stereo and necessary hook ups, so please just bring your phone with a good playlist.  Out of respect for the San Francisco community, music must be played at a reasonable volume and please no explicit lyrics.

Is there a bathroom on board?

Yes, the boat does have a bathroom on board, so no need to stress. We do recommend using the bathroom though before you board the boat.

Should I tip the captain and the deckhand?

Our boat captains and deckhands work very hard to ensure you have the best possible experience. If they show you a good time and you’re feeling tipsy, please show them you are happy with their service!

What are the terms and cancellation policy?

15 days out or more, there is a 90% refund or 100% credit which can be used for a future outing, 14 day or less it’s a 50% refund or 100% credit which can be used for a future outing, and 7 days or less there is no refund and no rescheduling credit.

What if it rains?

Our policy is that we set sail, rain or shine. We have a canopy over the top of the boat, which will help prevent getting soaked, but even with the canopy you will probably get a few sprinkles on you. We promise a little bit of rain will not stop the party! In the case of extreme weather (if thunder, lightning or heavy winds are present) the captain reserves the right to cancel the tour and will provide each passenger with a rain check for a future cruise at time of departure.

You found a great place to ask questions and get answers. If we think the rest of our customers can benefit from your questions, then we’ll include it in our FAQ. Thank you for the inquiry.

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